Wednesday, February 27, 2008


pic of bridger for krissi


the duet version

rilynn got a guitar too

bellas guitar

bella really wanted a guitar for her bday which was today she is going to be a natural all you need is a E minor

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fam pics


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

7 devils

These are pics from a backpacking trip into the 7 devils that we took about summer befor last it was roasting hot in the day and quite nippy at night
There is more than 1 way to smoke a trout.
It is hard to see me but i am the one horizontal off the rock on the right

me jon and jay
Some notes from the trip.
Always take a water purifier, don't just get grapefruit seed extract, non of us got sick but it is so bitter it is hard to drink
Bring pleanty of skeeter spray
Never say to yourself, I think I could live off trout. Live yes thrive yuck
Aways bring extra shoes
A 3 man tent isn't really a 3 man tent expecialy if your friends are 6'7", 6'4" and you are 6'2"

Monday, February 11, 2008

only pic on this comp

I was hunting northern Idaho this fall with my friend Andy when he spotted this buck about a mile away. We were not sure how big he was until we got closer I was suprised how tall and heavy he was. That was Andy's first trip and he could not decide if he wanted to take that buck or not I said I would take it if he didn't want it. He decided that he did, got a good rest and hit him first shot at 356 yds. The shot turned out to be to far back and the buck took off I then shot and Andy shot two more times, I hit him once good on my second shot and he tumbled 100 yds down the mountain. It was a fun hunt, an interesting note we found the shed horn from last year right where he was laying and it was a perfect match to the one from this year the buck hadn't improved at all.

the laura tony blogspot

never done the blogging thing but going to give it a go i will have to get ahold of morgan to get some pointers on how to photoshop pictures

new to blogging