Monday, November 3, 2008

more deer

Laura's hunting story

So there she was.... We had seen some does with a little buck down about 1000 yrds away. We crept down to about 300 yds. The buck had left the does and was walking up the ridge closer to us about 175 yards. I told Laura to wait because he would come up the other side we got all set up and the buck started walking up the other side. I kept telling her to shoot it she said she could not see it again and again finaly she said i see it it is laying down i said no it is walking up the hill she said no it is laying down. of course we were looking at different deer she finaly saw the walking deer at 320 yards and shot. She missed it jumped then she shot again. The buck that she had seen laying down got up and it was a bigger buck. she had missed the littler one again so I said wait lets shoot the big one. The big one ran towards us and stopped at 175 yards Laura shot him and he went right down. Then the hillside exploded with deer they were everywhere there were a bunch of bucks. We sat about 1 hr just looking around and we spotted some bucks off about a mile they looked bigger then the ones that were still hanging around sparring even after laura had shot 3 times and so we snuck over there and I shot the biggest of the 4 it was a great trip with my great gal.

this years hunting season

Friday, August 29, 2008

beautiful foot

About a month ago I was playing basketball and came down real bad on someone elses foot. The pic was taken about a week later and here it is the day befor hunting season and I still can't walk to good. Never fear I will be crawling around the mountains tomarow morning

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

crazy ryry

Thursday, April 10, 2008

cute pictures

Just some random cute pictures from the last few months including Bella's bday (Feb), Bridger's bday (Dec), Bridger driving the big bad truck, and Rilynn pouting because she only found 4 Easter eggs at the Community Easter Egg Hunt.

One Ugly Sick Momma

Just wanted to update you all on my progress. Some of you were aware that I was quite sick and spent some time in the hospital, some of you may not have been. But I am feeling good now. It was kind of a freak thing, I thought I had strep at first with the horrible sore throat and swollen lymph nodes but then I got swollen under my chin, and it was huge and hard as a rock. Skipping to the chase I finally got to a decent doc who sent me to the hospital where they did a cat scan and said I had an abscess, 75% chance I would have to have it surgically drained. He wanted me on steroids and antibiotics for two days before the surgery. Needless to say I did not end up having the surgery. The doctors were amazed. I credit lots of prayers, a positive attitude, and lots of veggies. I took my juicer to the hospital and had vegetable juice twice a day as I was on a liquid diet and couldn't chew food. Doctors still aren't sure why I got it because it's a strange location for an abscess, was not tooth related. Thanks again to all family and friends who helped out during this time!

Officially a Soccer Mom

Okay, so this is my first time posting a blog, so bear with me. Tony actually got this thing going! So Bella started soccer a few weeks ago. Let me tell you it is quite entertaining. The first practice she couldn't even kick the ball, it was more like pushing with her foot. She is coming along, getting more aggressive each game. At first she just ran around but never got in the crowd to have a go at the ball. Now she is getting in there at least trying to kick the ball, although most of the time she is swinging at air! It helps that Tony has bribed her that she'll get a chocolate chip for every time she kicks the ball! We're not opposed to bribery in our household.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bridgers New Pastime

Bridger has finaly found his passion in life throwing things and nose picking, a hobby he is taking quite seriously his personal best is two knuckles deeep and he dares any of you to try to beat that

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


pic of bridger for krissi


the duet version

rilynn got a guitar too

bellas guitar

bella really wanted a guitar for her bday which was today she is going to be a natural all you need is a E minor

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fam pics


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

7 devils

These are pics from a backpacking trip into the 7 devils that we took about summer befor last it was roasting hot in the day and quite nippy at night
There is more than 1 way to smoke a trout.
It is hard to see me but i am the one horizontal off the rock on the right

me jon and jay
Some notes from the trip.
Always take a water purifier, don't just get grapefruit seed extract, non of us got sick but it is so bitter it is hard to drink
Bring pleanty of skeeter spray
Never say to yourself, I think I could live off trout. Live yes thrive yuck
Aways bring extra shoes
A 3 man tent isn't really a 3 man tent expecialy if your friends are 6'7", 6'4" and you are 6'2"

Monday, February 11, 2008

only pic on this comp

I was hunting northern Idaho this fall with my friend Andy when he spotted this buck about a mile away. We were not sure how big he was until we got closer I was suprised how tall and heavy he was. That was Andy's first trip and he could not decide if he wanted to take that buck or not I said I would take it if he didn't want it. He decided that he did, got a good rest and hit him first shot at 356 yds. The shot turned out to be to far back and the buck took off I then shot and Andy shot two more times, I hit him once good on my second shot and he tumbled 100 yds down the mountain. It was a fun hunt, an interesting note we found the shed horn from last year right where he was laying and it was a perfect match to the one from this year the buck hadn't improved at all.

the laura tony blogspot

never done the blogging thing but going to give it a go i will have to get ahold of morgan to get some pointers on how to photoshop pictures

new to blogging